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What Is L-Carnosine?


There is a new protein building block on the market that is showing promising results for treating nerve damage, diabetes, as well as eye problems and kidney disorders. As a bonus, it is showing a lot of promise in slowing the effects of aging. It is L-carnosine.

L-carnosine is the dietary supplement that can add more of the natural occurring carnosine, a bi-peptide, in the body. Carnosine is used in the creation of new cells in the body. It is found in high concentrations in the bones, muscles, heart, and brain tissue in children and teens. Its production slowly declines as we age and declines more noticeably after the age of 40.

New cells are continuously being reproduced in the body. When this happens, DNA is duplicated in a process of chromosome duplication. In this process, there is a splitting and then repairing of DNA pairs. At the end of these DNA chains, there is a string of proteins called telomeres.

The main job of telomeres is to protect the base pairs of our DNA and prevent DNA strands from fusing together at the ends. These telomere strings become increasingly shorter as we age. It is believed that it is because of this natural process that we see the signs of aging as well as other health issues. Carnosine is believed to slow this process thus slowing the aging process.

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Carnosine has been linked to work together with vitamin E to help strengthen cell membranes. Other testing shows that Carnosine may have a positive role in helping the body heal wounds, improve heart function, protect against radiation, and help the body bind together with heavy metals such as mercury thus lowering their toxicity to the body. It also has been linked to preventing and limiting the oxidation effects of sugars that lead to metabolic dysfunctions in the body.

Other positive effects of taking L-carnosine include gaining more muscle strength and endurance, protection against ulcers, healing of peptic ulcers, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation in the body, muscle atrophy, and LDL cholesterol oxidation.

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Even Dr. OZ, the famous television health show host is currently touting the benefits and effects of taking L-carnosine. As with all nutritional and dietary supplements, it is important to ask your personal physician about any known side effects or possible complications when taking other medication with L-carnosine.

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